THANK YOU, Seattle!

The turnout at the newly remodeled Renton Holiday Inn was absolutely incredible at the premier of “I Will Never Breath The Same As Yesterday,” the self-published novel of first-time author Stacey Willis, where I was invited as the celebrity guest speaker.  I shared my writing experiences as a former L.A. Times journalist, my experiences in Hollywood, getting my start by Producing B-movies to writing for Tyler Perry’s House of Payne  and “Meet the Browns,” as well as my upcoming t.v. shows “A Different Kind of Family” and the one hour drama “Boyz N Blue.”  In addition, I explained how I came to discover the genius slave prodigy and classical pianist Thomas Bethune while researching prodigies for my thesis in graduate school.

I signed stacks upon stacks of excerpts of EIGHTH WONDER.  The hotel room was packed to capacity!  The photo below was taken before the start.

Daria, sissy, Cal set up and manned the table.

The greatest part was seeing a room filled with many familiar faces from as far back as elementary school! More Pictures and video from the event will be forthcoming!

I want to thank you Stacy Willis for inviting me out to speak.  Thank you to Eugene Sarigumba, the cinematographer for the event. Thank you to the WONDERFULmusicians, led by Eldgridge.  It was an extremely classy and wonderful affair.

A great launching pad for the novel EIGHTH WONDER. I will be attending additional excerpt signings in the Seattle area, at bookstores, the Fairmont hotel downtown, and a few coffee shops over the next few months. I am grateful to my birth city for all your support!

A.M. Calberg

Here’s the trailer from my first and last mutlimillion dollar scary movie as a Producer.


Meet the Browns (film)

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