Where have I been the past two years?  I’ve been teaching and writing.  After receiving an overwhelming response from agents regarding the book and subsequent rejection letters,  it became apparent that I (like most new authors) sent my book out too early.  I needed to learn the craft of novel writing and complete a rewrite on my book.  Since I’d never written a novel, I got a referral from an author about the L.A. workshops.  So finally, I took a workshop for EIGHTH WONDER last March (2013) with Adam Cushman from workshops L.A. and it was an amazing eye opener.  Very beneficial.  Then  most recently I took an editing workshop with the Susan Wyler (author of SOLSBURY HILL) that helped take my writing to another level!  Finally, I’ve acquired the skills necessary to properly rewrite the book.  It’s a great, tough, fulfilling, lengthy journey, this debut novel of mine, however, I know it will be worth it.

So for those asking, the goal is to have EIGHTH WONDER completed before I start my doctoral program.  Yes, I’m going to be Dr. Anita M. Cal in a few years – God willing, that is the goal.

I already know my second novel, however, getting EIGHTH WONDER finished is a priority.  This will be year 5.  It MUST get done and it will get done.  Your interest and your support has been a blessing.  It’s been overwhelming and motivating to have so much interest in a work that is still in progress.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Stay tuned!Image