It’s Saturday afternoon, the day after the first ever all black action hero movie hit the theaters and neither one of the major African-American driven gossip websites posted one word about RED TAILS, beating expectations and scoring in a victorious 2nd place hit in box office sales!  MEDIATAKEOUT led with the Heidi Klum, Seal breakup story, while Bossip’s front page ran with a stale story about Snoop having a private screening of the movie with George Lucas, but not one word about the film’s successful Friday opening, Tyler Perry’s letter to his fans to go support the movie, or the need to keep word-of-mouth going so the film makes its money back so we can have the prequel and the sequel.

Bossip, which stands for Black Gossip, has posts about the worst church singer ever and Pauly D, but is silent when it comes to a history making film, about African-American history, that needs its support.  Hmmm.  In the words of the neighborhood.  Trifling.

Here’s an article from the Huffington Post:

‘Red Tails,’ Tuskegee Airmen Film, Earns $6 Million At Box Office On Friday, Is Celebrated Nationwide

Red Tails Cast

First Posted: 1/21/12 01:50 PM ET Updated: 1/21/12 02:09 PM ET

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“Red Tails” flew into theaters on Friday, as the George Lucas-produced film about the Tuskegee Airmen earned $6 million at the box office.

The film earned an A CinemaScore from moviegoers, and was buoyed by a enthusiastic African-American support that included communities sending busloads of eager viewers to theaters. It received a screening at the White House, with the director, Anthony Hemingway, and a cast that included Terrence Howard and Cuba Gooding Jr., presenting the film for President Obama; and was screened at an event that honored the real life Tuskegee Airmen, the crew of all-black World War II pilots.

Also drawing publicity for the film was Lucas’s appearance on “The Daily Show,” in which he told Jon Stewart that Hollywood studios were unwilling to finance a war picture with an all-black cast. He financed the film entirely on his own, putting nearly $100 million into production and marketing.

The film has been called by many as crucial to the future of black filmmaking — Tyler Perry has said that all-black casts are on the verge of extinction — and if it succeeds at the box office, Lucas believes that it will help black filmmakers get the green light on their pictures more easily. He also told the New York Times in a recent profile that the movie was important for its celebration of black history, and that it served to give African American filmgoers heroes like those that were portrayed in mostly white WWII movies.

“They have a right to have their history just like anybody else does,” Lucas said. “And they have a right to have it kind of Hollywood-ized and aggrandized and made corny and wonderful just like anybody else does. Even if that’s not the fashion right now.”

But SUNDAY, while MEDIEATAKEOUT AND BOSSIP were sleeping, Euroweb and Hollywood Reporter and plenty of other sites were providing up-to-date numbers.  Needless to say, I have the feeling Mediatakeout and Bossip are going to be like the Urban radio stations were doing the massive earthquake that hit L.A. County in ’94, playing music and talking about fashion while buildings crash to the ground and people drive off the edge of fallen freeways! Here’s the latest, via euroweb.

Box Office Report: ‘Red Tails’ Flies to #2 with $19.1 Million

January 22, 2012 1 Comment
The film did far better than expected (by the Hollywood establishment that is.)

*According to the Hollywood Reporter, “Red Tails” did far better than expected (by the Hollywood establishment that is.)

In its opening weekend “Red Tails” brought in $19.1 million for a solid number 2 placing at the box office behind “Underworld Awakening” with $25.4 million.

The back story behind “Red Tails” is that Producer George Lucas spent 20 years pursuing the project, and recently revealed he couldn’t get any studio to finance the film because of an all-black cast. He finally decided to put up the money himself, and spent $58 million on the production budget and another $35 in distribution costs.

Weekend/Domestic Box Office Jan. 20-Jan. 22

Title/Weeks in Release/Studio/Theater Count/Three Day Weekend Total/Cume

1. Underworld: Awakening (1), Sony/3,078, $25.4 million

2. Red Tails (1), Fox/2,512, $19.1 million

3. Contraband (2), Universal/2,870, $12.2 million, $46.1 million

4. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (5), Warner Bros./2,630, $10.5 million, $11.2 million

5. Haywire (1), Relativity Media/2,439, $9 million

6. Beauty and the Beast (3D) (2), Disney/2,625, $23.5 million, $33.4 million

7. Joyful Noise (2), Warner Bros./Alcon/2,735, $6.1 million, $21.9 million

8. Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol (6), Paramount/2,519, $5.5 million, $197.3 million

9. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (6), Warner Bros./2,485, $4.8 million, $178.6 million

10. The Iron Lady (4), Weinstein Co./1,076, $3.7 million, $12.6 million.