Cheers to the filmmakers of RED TAILS for creating a picture that was an entertaining, heroic, thrill ride.  I saw the movie at THE GROVE.  I was a little nervous at the outset that Lucas and Hemingway would focus so much on creating awesome action sequences that it would be like going to a 90s blow ’em up explosion movie, but they proved me wrong.  There was a story and although many topics were painted with a light brush, it was enough to get the point and keep the journey moving forward.  Was it a perfectly made, Oscar worthy effort, no, but there were great moments and once I got past the shoddy opening credits – which I admit perhaps only an industry person would cringe at  and allowed myself the art of suspending disbelief at NeYos character – I was able to honestly enjoy the journey.  Some sofa critics complained the action sequences FELT FAMILIAR, but not for African-Americans, because for African-Americans it was the first time seeing fighter pilots since Will Smith and Independence Day.  Anyhoo, the theater was packed and applause erupted at various times during the movie.  Definitely a must see.

Thank you to all the soldiers of WWII and a special thank you to the Tuskegee Airmen!  A special hurray for all the wonderful actors who were in the film.  Job well done.