How unbefitting is it to talk about racism flourishing in American on Martin Luther King Day, however, it is necessary to bring our country’s unsightly undercurrent of racial bigotry to light, in the hopes of bringing about change.  To that end, it’s newsworthy to note that luminary and Hollywood powerhouse filmmaker, visionary, icon, George Lucas just blew the lid off of one Tinseltown’s dirty little secrets.  Most people who work in Hollywood already know the truth.  IN 2012, HOLLYWOOD IS MORE SEGREGATED than the Jim Crow South!  Movie and television sets are usually one or the other: mostly black or nearly all white.

If you walk onto ANY Hollywood set, you can find yourself expecting to see a WHITES ONLY sign or a COLOREDS ONLY water fountain.  That is the hard core fact of the matter.  Oh, Hollywood scrambles to blow their bullhorns for President Obama and practically got him elected – along with Oprah’s endorsement, you say, huh?  Ummmm, here’s the secret that’s been whispered in a low, embarrassed, almost ashamed manner the past three years:


It’s as if Hollywood’s Caucasian elite donated tons of cash and clout to ensure the election of President Obama and said, see black folks?  We’re not racist, now go somewhere, anywhere but our sets and movie theaters and leave us to our business.


Lucas was not only telling the hard bold truth about movies, but look at network and cable t.v. There are hardly ANY black shows on television that don’t start with Tyler and end with Perry!  I guarantee you, if you come to Hollywood right now and walk over to Sunset and Gower studios, or Sony, or Fox, or anywhere else, YOU WILL NOT FIND more than two black writers on ANY MAINSTREAM STAFFED TELEVISION SHOW, if you find one!  PERIOD.  George Lucus told the truth.  Hollywood has been, is, and probably, always will be an exclusive, hard to crack, white’s only boys’ club.

WAIT, you say, “I saw the Golden Globes and there were blacks.”  REALLY?  How many were working on currently aired t.v. shows?  Are you referring to the cut aways of Chris Tucker?  Or Sydney Poitier or Morgan Freeman who are both well-over 60 years old and movie stars?  Are you speaking of the TWO BLACK LADIES from THE HELP?  And let’s not open that can of worms (excuse my cliche) of talking about how many black folks are upset over THE HELP and it being held up as a standard of victory for giving talented black actresses leads as shoe shiners who yessuh mam and no suh for 90 minutes!   I’m certainly not complaining, I’m saying what everyone who is a person of color in Hollywood already knows.  I have my suspicions that the Golden Globes honored Morgan Freeman and invited Sydney Poitier so there would be more than two black people at the event.  Hmmmm.

Anyhoo, RED TAILS, like EIGHTH WONDER, the true story of Thomas Bethune, the blind prodigious slave who began playing Mozart at three, is an important and bound to be entertaining film.  So go out and see it when it premieres on Jan. 20th.


After all, Martin Luther King had a dream that little black boys and black girls would be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.  I have a dream that one day grown black men and black women will be able to make movies on sets integrated with grown white men and white grown women as great artists.  Hmmm.  We can dream can’t we?

A.M. Cal

I have a dream today.