Newspaper Date Notes
1962-1997 Newspaper written by and for Alaskan Natives.
1884-1922 Assorted regional newspapers.
1912-2007 Access to digitized newspapers from Casa Grande city, which is located between Phoenix and Tucson. Originally a primarily rural and agricultural town, it is now a growing suburb.
1900-1911 Amador County newspaper
1846-1922 Includes Amador Leger, California Star, Californian, Daily Alta California, Imperial Valley Press, Los Angeles Herald, Pacific Rural Press, Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento Transcript, San Francisco Call, Sausalito News
1880-1910 The Amador Ledger, San Francisco Call, Los Angeles Herald, Imperial Valley Press, more. Scattered runs.
1895-1974 Newspapers from the city of Covina in Los Angeles County.
1855-1859 “El Clamor Publico was the first Spanish-language newspaper in California after the American occupation..The initially moderate paper evolved into an activist tabloid and espoused strong political views generally in support of the Mexicanos. It was distributed as far north as San Francisco.”
1890-1910 San Francisco’s leading morning newspaper until 1913.
1888- Whittier is located in Los Angeles County.
1859-1923 Over 100 newspapers online including the Rocky Mountain News.
1895-1922 The DeSoto County News, The Champion (Arcadia), The Florida Agriculturalist (DeLand–‘A journal devoted to state interests’), Gainesville Daily Sun (Gainesville), The New Enterprise (Madison), The Pensacola Journal (Pensacola), The Punta Gorda Herald (Punta Gorda), more.
mid-19th century-almost current. Extensive geographic and chronological coverage, but many of the papers represented have short runs.
1907-1986 Choose St. Petersburg Evening Independent as the source to limit your search to this paper.
1901- Choose St. Petersburg Times as the source to limit your search to this paper.
1847-1922 Atlanta Daily Examiner, 1857; Atlanta Daily Herald, 1873-1876; Atlanta Georgian, 1906-1911; Atlanta Intelligencer, 1851, 1854-1871; Atlantian, 1911-1922; Daily/Georgia Weekly Opinion, 1867-1868; Gate-City Guardian, 1861; Georgia Literary and Temperance Crusader, 1860-1861; New Era, 1869-1872; Southern Confederacy, 1861-1864; Southern Miscellany, and Upper Georgia Whig, 1847; Southern World, 1882-1885; Sunny South, 1875-1907; Weekly Constitution, 1869-1882
1828-1833 The first American Indian newspaper.
1828-1890 A weekly newspaper until 1859, when it became daily. “During its earliest issues, the paper supported the ideological cause of state’s rights, demonstrated by the quote used in its title banner: ‘The Union of the States, and the Sovereignty of the States’…the Enquirer supported Whig politicians for office, including Henry Clay and Zachary Taylor. The paper began publishing on a daily basis in 1859. Two years later, the Enquirer was faced with the possibility of Southern secession, and broke with many other prominent newspapers of the time in calling for cooperation with the North, but quickly aligned itself with Georgia once secession became official.”
1876 African American newspaper based in Savanah.
1826-1908 Macon has long been one of Georgia’s largest cities outside Atlanta.
1808-1922 Milledgeville was the antebellum capital of Georgia from 1804 until the late 1860s.
1893-1979 Searchable issues of the University of Georgia’s student newspaper
1950s-present Daily newspaper from Rome, Georgia. Limit your search to source: Rome News-Tribune to just search this paper.
1929-1958, 1984-1986 “Rabbi H. Cerf Straus established the Southern Israelite as a temple bulletin in Augusta in 1925. The publication was so popular, he expanded it into a monthly newspaper. Later in the decade, Straus sold the paper to Herman Dessauer and Sara B. Simmons, who moved the paper to Atlanta, where it began circulating state-wide and eventually throughout the South.”
1877-1913 The Honolulu Daily Herald, The Daily Independent, Hawaiian Gazette
1834-1948 Over 40 Hawaiian and English language newspapers. Mixed quality of scans. Partial runs.
1861-1927 16 Hawaiian language newspapers online. Mixed quality of scans. Partial runs.
1894-2003 Student newspapers of Illinois Wesleyan University
1914-1930 Barrington, Illinois newspaper
1916-1936 (1936-45 forthcoming)
1908-1917 “Established in 1908 by the Polish National Alliance, Dziennik Zwiazkowy continues to be published today as the Polish Daily News. This database includes the first ten years (1908-1917) of publication, which represent local, national and international issues of utmost concern to the Polish community of Chicago at that time.”
1841-1926 Collection of Illinois-based farm newspapers of the 19th century
1835-1890 Quincy Daily Whig and Quincy Daily Herald
1883-1926 Bulk of content 1907-1926
1854-2007 Bulk of content 1907-1926
1916-1925 (1902-1915 and 1926-1935 forthcoming)
1845 -1970 Collection of newspapers primarily based in Fort Wayne.
1921-1950 A moderate sized city in central Indiana, Muncie is notable for its appearance as Middletown in the social research of the Lynds in the 1920s and 30s.
1896-1916 Bourbon News, Central Record, Adair County News, Bluegrass Blade (Lexington), more
1882-1916 Currently has same content as Kentukiana Digital Library
1827-1923 A dual language French-English newspaper. The Bee is arranged chronologically and is not otherwise searchable.
1902-1978 Choose the title of the newspaper as the source to limit your search to this paper.
1856-1857 Choose the title of the newspaper as the source to limit your search to this paper.
1830-1903 Choose the title of the newspaper as the source to limit your search to this paper.
1937-1947 Choose the title of the newspaper as the source to limit your search to this paper.
1802-1947 Scanned microfilm that is unsearchable but can be browsed by date. Includes the Maryland Gazette, Baltimore Clipper, Whig newspapers, and more.
1919-1973 Important Portuguese language newspaper that focused its coverage on Portuguese-American communities in New England and the Mid-Atlantic states.
1830-1930 Features the Barnstable Patriot, covering Cape Cod and the Islands, and the Hyannis Patriot.
Dates include: 1871-1899, 1918-1939, 1941-1943, and 1965-2008 Digitized images from local Chatham titles, keyword search capable.
1868-1957 A lumber center in southwestern Michigan on the shore of Lake Michigan. In the early 20th century it became a resort and tourist community for the urbanizing areas of the upper midwest.
1880-1905 Daily Globe (St. Paul), more in process.
1911-1952 Holt is located in northern Minnesota, and this paper was issued from a large co-operative creamery. Provides an interesting look at a small farming community.
1855-1925 19th century Winona was a large steamboat port on the Mississippi in Southeast Minnesota. Also a center of wheat and lumber production
1880-1922 Daily Globe (St. Paul), more in process.
1836-1987 Includes Methodist and Whig newspapers
1966-1985 Student run paper at the University of Missouri that includes many AP and UPI articles that ran nationally.
1874-1912 Includes the Omaha Daily Bee.
New Hampshire
1895-1897 Choose the title of the newspaper as the source to limit your search to this paper.
1905-1924 Incomplete run.
New Jersey
1860-1923 Newspapers from Atlantic City and the surrounding area.
1910-1944 South Amboy is a town in central coastal New Jersey. Weekly newspaper. Some issues are missing.
1888-1929 The Silent Worker was a popular national newspaper among the deaf population of the United States during the end of the 1890’s through the end of the first quarter of the 20th century. Originally known as the Deaf Mute Times, it was first published in February 1888 and renamed The Silent Worker on September 27 of the same year. The New Jersey School for the Deaf continued its publication monthly, except for July, August, and periodically September until it ceased in June 1929. Deaf American authors wrote almost all articles, although occasional contributions by deaf individuals from other countries were also printed.
1876-1970, but post-1923 newspapers are not available remotely.
New York
1879-1922 Includes The Sun (1879-1910), the Evening World (1900-1909) and the New-York Tribune (1880-1922).
1841-1902 Extensive national and international coverage. At one point the country’s most widely read afternoon daily.
1880-1979 Cornell University undergraduate newspaper.
1836-1842 “One of the most significant and little studied newspapers documenting early anti-slavery and other reform movements.” Published in central New York.
1926-2002 Student newspaper of Ithaca University.
1838-1840 New York City newspaper. Choose the title of the newspaper as the source to limit your search to this paper. “The content in the newspaper reflected [William Lyon] Mackenzie views entirely and was extremely reform minded to the point that it advocated revolution against the ruling system of government.”
1843 Choose the title of the newspaper as the source to limit your search to this paper. William Lyon Mackenzie “used this newspaper as an avenue to disparage former President Martin Van Buren and other leading democrats for their political dealings.”
1900-1910 Famously sensational newspaper published by Joseph Pulitzer and perhaps best know for its ‘yellow journalism.’
18th-20th centuries The search interface supports complex searching. To search a specific newspaper start your search with the title in quotes “Syracuse NY Post Standard.” Use this format to limit by date: 1904~~1920. Connect information with ‘and.’ For example: “Syracuse NY Post Standard” and 1904~~1920 and canal. A listing of all newspapers that provides date browsing is available here Includes newspapers from Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo, Ithaca, Utica, more. Includes New York city papers: Tribune (1841-1922), Spectator (1797-1845), Evening Telegram (1868-1924), more.
1880-1910 The nation’s first successful penny daily, and the New York City circulation leader for several decades in the 19th century. By 1900 it was less important than several other city papers but still influential.
Early-mid 19th century Includes the Liberal Advocate, The Rights of Man, The Monroe Democrat and other Ante-Bellum and Civil War era newspapers.
1839-1942 Historic Long Island Newspapers
1955- Limit your search to source: Village Voice to just search this paper.
1841-2 Choose the title of the newspaper as the source to limit your search to this paper. Rochester newspaper. “The Volunteer was exclusively devoted to the denunciation of British rule in Canada and the suppression of the recent rebellions.”
North Carolina
1756-1898, scattered runs Collection of North Carolina newspapers, featuring The North Carolina Gazette and Wilmington Post boy (1756-1766) and the Carolina Watchman (1832-1898).
1827-1830, 1841-1844, 1862-1863, 1997-2005 Collection of Huron County newspapers
1897-1918 Includes The Scranton Tribune (1897-1902) and the Philadelphia Evening Public Ledger (1914-1918).
19th-early 20th century Browsable by date but not searchable, this repository includes newspapers from small cities in Pennsylvania: Ambler, Nazareth, New Holland, Marietta, Mansfield, etc. Search by collection or do a keyword search for newspaper to see which newspapers are available.
1876-2007 Primarily consists of Chester newspapers.
1859-1867 Republican Newspaper. Excerpts.
1897-2004 Student newspaper of Gettysburg University.
1838-2007 Collection contains a number of newspapers covering Tioga, Bradford and Wellsboro.
1869-2007 Newspapers of Greenville and the surrounding area in Mercer county.
1889-1931 Franklin and Marshall College Reporter (1915-2001), Lancaster Journal (1816-1836), Lancaster Intelligencer (1847-1871), Columbia Spy (1830-1889), New Holland Criterion (1873-1950).
1955-1983 An important agricutlural publication.
1925-2003 Student newspaper of Lincoln University
1843-1851 The leading Jewish publication in the United States during this period.
1887-present The Daily Collegian and predecessors, The Behrend Beacon, and Hazleton Highacres.
1847-1874 Newspapers of Bellefonte, Chambersburg, Columbia, Erie, Gettysburg, Huntingdon, Philadelphia (Press, 1857-64; American Presbyterian, 1860-1869; Daily Evening Bulletin 1864-1870), Reading, Waynesboro and Wellsboro
1895-present The Jewish Criterion (1895-1962), The American Jewish Outlook (1934-1962), and The Jewish Chronicle (1962-Present).
1930s (?)- Choose Pittsburgh Post-Gazette as the source to limit your search to this paper.
1833-1977 Collection contains a number of newspapers covering McKean County, including the McKean County Miner.
1859-1870 Franklin County Democratic newspaper. Excerpts.
Rhode Island
South Carolina
1862-1866 Newspaper documenting the South Carolina Lowcountry, based first in Port Royal and later in Beaufort.
1893 Choose the title of the newspaper as the source to limit your search to this paper.
1880-1910 Jefferson Jimplecute, Jewish Herald (Houston), Palestine Daily Herald, Fort Worth Daily Gazette, The Daily Herald (Brownsville)
1898-1961 “Dedicated to the Service of the People and the Institutions of Carthage and Panola County.”
1880-1910 Primarily supplements the Utah Digital Newspaper Project
1850-1947 Over 40 newspapers including the Deseret News
1876-1912 Alexandria Gazette, Richmond Dispatch, Richmond Planet, more.
1914-2006 University of Richmond student newspaper.
1859-1870 Democratic newspaper in Augusta County. Excerpts
1947 Choose the title of the newspaper as the source to limit your search to this paper.
1860-1865 Most widely read newspaper in Richmond during the Civil War. Known as a non-partisan paper.
1857-1870 Whig newspaper in Augusta County. Excerpts.
1865-1870 Augusta County newspaper. Excerpts.
1736-1780 Williamsburg, VA. newspaper
Washington D.C.
1925-2004 Student newspaper of American University
1879-1912 The Colored American (African American Newspaper), The Evening Times, The Hatchet, The National Forum, The Suburban Citizen, The Sunday Globe, Sunday Morning Globe, Sunday Washington Globe, The Washington Bee, The Washington Herald, Washington Sentinel, Washington Times, Washington Weekly Post, The Weekly News (Anacostia), Alexandria gazette
1959-1980 Student newspaper of Georgetown University
1918-1919 Paper published by the U.S. Army for its forces in France.
Washington State
  • Washington Historic Newspapers
1852-1886 Newspapers from Seattle, Olympia, Spokane, Walla Walla. Requires DjVu plug in.
1910- Limit your search to source: Milwaukee Sentinel to just search this paper.
1860-1940 Over 16,000 articles about biographical and local subjects excerpted from several hundred newspapers.
1849-1922 “Available through this website are all the newspapers printed in Wyoming between 1849 and 1922”

Historical Newspaper Indexes

Newspaper Date Notes
1868-1929 Primary exponent of the ‘New South’ in the post-Civil War period.