So, I’m in the middle of reading A Separate Country by Robert Hicks, a winding, rough and tumble story of the dying, failed Confederate General John Hood and the man who tried to kill him.  The withering Hood is plagued by the demons of massive failure, haunted by one of the worst military defeats in U.S. military history, where thousands of his men were slaughtered in battle, and his relentless quest to salvage his legacy through his memoirs.  He summons his enemy, his death-bed request is to have the man who wanted him in the ground, finish the document for him. It’s supposed to tell the loving story of a man trying to rebuild his life after great tragedy, who attempts normalcy by quietly settling in New Orleans with the woman he loves, while facing the blackness of that battle, the aftermath of its legacy, and the truth of who he is as a man, but it’s proving to be a rougher read to grasp than I expected. I LOVE Hicks’s Widow of the South, and I’m enjoying his macho, rugged, testosterone driven writing style in Country, it’s just I’m having a bumpy ride in the wagon.

Anyhoo, I think my expectations on the journey I was about to take, were different from what the novel represents. I actually thought the book would deal more intimately with the battle, what led up to that colossal defeat, the on the ground maneuvers, the after affects of the tragic loss, the tactical error, or the pride of ego that led to the slaughter of his men, but that’s exactly the story Hicks did not want to tell, which is definitely his prerogative as the author.

So I put the book down to muse, take a small break, and came across an internet story about some Brit claiming he has proof God doesn’t exist.

Why are so many people dissing God? The Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and End, the Creator of the Universe? I know a lot of people may get upset, but, ummmm, these folks are going straight to hell in gasoline drawers as the old southern saying goes unless repentance takes place.

I had a friend pass away a few months ago who did not believe in God and he was a GREAT guy, the absolute GREATEST.  He had cancer and didn’t blame God, because he didn’t believe in God. I asked him, even in the face of your mortality, you still won’t believe, he said no. He didn’t want to call out to God. He said, if there is a God, I’m going to hell and I deserve to go to hell because I don’t believe. 

I CAN RESPECT THAT. He was willing to accept the consequences of his decision.  He was privileged, a prince of old Hollywood legends, nice, considerate, giving, but REFUSED to pray, serve, or believe in God and he made me understand the saying, “there will be plenty of good people” in hell.

I’ve decided to compile a quick list of people in the media who – in my humble opinion – have purchased a


1. Stephen William Hawking – “Science makes God unnecessary.” Did he tweak his neck? Sorry, but this dude is ridiculous. He claims to be able to understand and quantify the nonexistence of the Creator? Was this crooked shaped dude dropped as a baby? LOL If you can blasphemy God, then I can blast the way you look. I’m sorry. This guys is scary and hard on the eyes. I’m not listening to any man who looks like Hannibal “The Cannibal” Lecter.

2. Writers of “Expendables” – Crooked mouthed Sylvester Stallone and Dave Callaham for writing a church scene and having the characters curse in God’s house. In the movie, which is a blast to watch, Stallone’s old you know what is kicking butt and taking numbers. He’s a skilled, mercenary who slaughters a dozen or so Somalian pirates and then he’s back in the U.S. in an empty church. I braced. He has a covert meeting with Bruce Willis’s character near the altar. Uh oh.  Bruce’s character wants to pay him $5 million for a mission and then it came. Bruce drops the F-bomb a gang of times to drive home the point he will F-bomb crooked, slurring faced Stallone if he F-bombs him and doesn’t perform. Wow.  WHAT A DISS to the LORD!  The church has problems, pastors, congregants, imperfect, sinners, judgmental, drunkards, fornicators, blah blah, you know, human. But GOD IS GOD and the church represents Him.

3. Crooked eyed Bruce Willis and Scary-looking Arnold Schwarzenegger for acting in the “Expendables” scene where God’s house was defiled. (And the director for directing the scene)

4. Donald Trump for saying at a real estate conference a fews years ago that while he was on the earth, he was the king of kings.

5. Bill Maher – First for dating the superhoe Superhead and then denigrating her for not being bright, LOL!  Did he read her book?  Did he know she became famous for sleeping with all the rappers in the music industry and walking around the set topless? HELLO!  I don’t think she finished high school, much less got a PH.D.! Second for saying he’s not an atheist, he “believes there is some force.”

6. Jay-Z – for taking on God’s Holy name – J-hovah (Jehovah) and having millions of kids chanting and praising him in concerts as God.

7. HBO’s “The Wire,” I’m STILL bothered by the scenes in the church where the gangsters Stringer et al met to make moves.

To be continued… 🙂


1. Terry Jones – Florida Pastor who wants to burn the Quran in protest of 9/11. Ummmm, is that a God vision?  I’m sure he would be livid, outraged, if Muslim’s held a bonfire and burned the Bible.  Makes me think…What would Jesus do Mr. Jones? I’m not the ultimate judge, I’m  just saying. It makes me questions the man’s heart. My blog. My opinion. Shoot, I think Mr. Jones may be standing in the VIP line behind Jay-Z. LOL