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Eighth Wonder


Well, tonight I decided to take a  fifteen minute break from writing EIGHTH WONDER as well as ignore the pain in my back and my frustration over the lack of results in my workers comp case – the insurance company has so far denied every single doctor request over the past five months, including an MRI, physical therapy, and oh, my temporary disability check.  I don’t know how one gets rear-ended on the job, ends up in pain, and doesn’t get a penny or proper medical care.


Michael Jackson was right. They don’t care about us. The doctors are always friendly until there’s a glitch and then they turn into cold-blooded iceberg people.  Over a month ago, my handsome, cheery, chiropractor informed me, mid-adjustment, my foot over my head, that I was over my 28 visits and would have to pay a cash deposit, since he was afraid he wasn’t going to get paid by the insurance company. Huh? I was stunned.  It got all tense in the room and I played it really cool and said okay.  So if I didn’t come up with the money, I was just *ssed out? What about the jokes? What about the bottle of cheap Manischewitz Wine he was supposed to bring so I could share a Jewish experience? That went out the window when the insurance company only paid out one check. Needless to say, I could have slapped my attorney, who was his referral by the way. He never told me there was a limit and I REALLY don’t appreciate going to get work done, having four or five adjustments and then see ya tomorrow.  It felt like a car wash.  So now, I’ve finished my allotment of visits from my deposit and the chill factor has returned.  What a great world we live in.


So, it took me awhile, but I found out the chiro wasn’t in the “network” so the “Y” insurance company won’t accept any of his notes! It’s like the 8 weeks I spent doesn’t count! So I fired my attorney who never returned my calls and got a former judge who is now my new attorney who does not return my calls. When I saw an “in network” doctor on July 29th, the “Y” company denied all his medical requests on my behalf, leaving a message at my out of network chiropractor’s office, and then saying they did not have proper medical notes! I think these people are trying to kill me.

So the paralegal for my second attorney who is supposed to handle my paperwork has yet to call me in 8 weeks.  The secretary is very nice, but she’s irritated that I’m now calling everyday. WELL, I asked if I could speak with the paralegal and she said no, I had to go through her, but now she’s getting irritated that I call everyday for the paralegal who won’t call me back!


I HAVEN’T RECEIVED A DIME! If it wasn’t for the grace of God, I’d be homeless and no one cares. But when I threatened to fire them on Friday and go impropur or whatever the term is (meaning I’d represent myself), I got a call from the former judge attorney who didn’t listen to half of what I said, while repeating the “Y” insurance company I had were a**holes and promised to do some kind of expedited hearing and asked me if I was getting state disability. No. Denied, remember? I said. Temporary? No. I was not “in network,” but now I am so I should get a check, but it’s been five months and no check for me and oh, the insurance lady left a message at the wrong doctor’s line to request the records.  So, to give the secretary a break, I didn’t call on Monday about the hearing.  I follow up today to see about my expedited hearing and was it done? Nope.  What the heck?! I’M IN PAIN PEOPLE! BUT NO ONE CARES!

So I digressed. Sorry. How about some humor?

As I was saying, I ventured over to this evening to see what was happening in the world of rap that I rarely pay attention to anymore.  However, I do like to stay up on the world of politics, sports, television, movies, and hip hop, so I don’t turn into my mother.  Anyhoo, I came across this youtube spot of a dozen or so glee club chicks, singing a hardcore rap song by Dr. Dre.

Please be advised the language is R-rated, as it is a Dr. Dre song that includes two expletives in the title.  If you are sensitive to ribald language, then please, do not watch. If you want a good laugh, even though it’s definitely an indication the world is coming to an end, enjoy. LOL

Eighth Wonder

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Eighth Wonder, Thomas Bethune, aka Blind Tom

The Eighth Wonder, Blind Tom

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The Eighth Wonder

The Eighth Wonder, Blind Tom