It is my conviction that the fundamental trouble with the people of the United States is that they have gotten too far away from Almighty God. – Warren G. Harding


I’m definitely writing on Eighth Wonder today, but I had to address something a school principal friend of mine brought up: President Obama and the census.

Apparently there are members in our society who are in desperate need of a hobby.  These citizens are up in a roar about President Obama checking off his race as African-American.  For real?  Seriously people?  Maybe these are Americans of mixed race who are offended or perhaps they are Caucasians who feel slighted that the President did not acknowledge his Caucasian heritage or perhaps they are people who would not have voted for him had they known he thought he was black or maybe not so far fetched an idea, maybe its black people who are upset he’s messing up any shot at winning a second term.  To these offended people, I say, relax, don’t get so uptight over the small things and let’s take a look back at history and let’s also not forget the one drop rule.

Okay.  Hold your horses upset people.

Technically, President Obama is not our first black President.   President Obama is our first out of the closet, openly acknowledged black President, unlike the SIX Commander-In-Chiefs that served before him  who simply went for Caucasian despite the one drop rule.

Six Presidents of the United States, black?  You say, no way!  And they also look white.  Exactly.  Which is why there was a rule put into legislation after slavery to sort things out real nice and simple like: ONE DROP OF BLACK BLOOD = BLACK

The one-drop rule was legislation adopted in the U.S. South that codified and strengthened segregation and the disfranchisement of most blacks and many poor whites from 1890-1910. After Supreme Court decisions in Plessy v. Ferguson and related matters, White-dominated legislatures felt free to enact Jim Crow laws segregating Blacks in public places and accommodations, and passed other restrictive legislation to prevent people with black blood from mixing with whites, having relationships with whites, and to keep the white race “pure.” (from Wikipedia)

Calvin Coolidge – He proudly admitted that his mother was dark because of mixed Indian ancestry, however, he never mentioned the “mixed” aspect of the African blood running through his mother’s veins.  His mother’s maiden name was Moor, a name given to all people of African blood in Europe.

Andrew Jackson (whose oldest brother was sold as a slave in Carolina!) – The Virginia Magazine of History Volume 2, says Jackson was the son of a woman from Ireland and a Negro.

Abraham Lincoln (believed to be the illegitimate son of a black man) – Lincoln was called Abraham Africanus The First.  He was threatened and The incoming letters called him baboon, monster, idiot, mulatto.  They told him in a hundred different ways that he would never live to sit in the White House. He was threatened with flogging, hanging, and burning at the stake.”  – David Coyle’s book entitled “Ordeal of the Presidency” (1960).

Southern papers brought out a story that Hannibal Hamlin, of Maine, the Vice-President-elect, was part Negro. The secessionist leader R. Barnwell Rhett of Charleston declared that the Republicans had elected “a Southern renegade out of the bosom of Kentucky into Illinois, and a Northern whitewashed mulatto” to be President and Vice President,” Coyle wrote. President-elect Lincoln received letters from Southerners, “and if you will let us know what you will take for the boy Hannibal and your price is reasonable we will purchase him.”

By the way, the historical Hannibal was an African, Carthaginian General who conquered Rome by crossing the Alps with war elephants.  The name means Ba’al’s grace/blessing.  I’m not making a case, but I’m saying, hmmmm, Hannibal was accused of being mulatto and he was named after a black African general named, Hannibal?  I’m not the brightest bulb on the lamp, but if I have a two plus a two, I get a four.

Anyhoo, Dwight D. Eisenhower (the one whose grandfather made a killing selling opium) – Look at President Eisenhower’s grandmother, Ida.  Need I say more? One drop black = black.  But they were in the closet about it.

Warren Harding (had black ancestors on both sides according to professor William Chancellor, a white professor at Wooster College.  The Justice Department purchased and destroyed all copies of the book)  When harassed by a reporter to deny there was any black ancestry in his family tree, Harding quipped, “How do I know, Jim? One of my ancestors may have jumped the fence.”

Thomas Jefferson (who had all the records of his mother’s letters and lineage destroyed) is said to have been the son of mixed heritage.

"Thomas Robinson Hazard, who was born in Narragansett in 1797, recalled seventy years later in his Jonny-Cake Papers what
 he was told by old Paris Gardiner, "who, in my boyhood, lived in a house on the extreme north end of Hardscrabble."
 The old man gave him an account of a speech made to the Hardscrabble
 voters...He felt he could impart to such intelligent citizens as
 those before him a profound secret which, when learned, could not
 fail to convince every independent freeman present who had any
 regard for the honour and well-being of his country, how immensely in all respects John Adams, the profound and fearless patriot and full-blooded Yan-
 kee, exceeded in every respect his competitor, Tom Jefferson, for the Presidency, who, to make the best of him, was nothing but a mean-
 spirited, low-lived fellow, the son of a half-breed Indian squaw, sired
 by a Virginia mulatto father, as was well-known in the neighborhood where he was raised...
 wholly on hoe-cake made of coarse-ground Southern corn, bacon and hominy, with an occasional change of
 fricaseed bullfrog, for which abominable reptiles he had acquired a taste during his residence among the French at Paris, to whom there
 could be no question he would sell his country at the first offer made to him cash down, should he be elected to fill the Presidential chair."

In his book entitled “The Slave Children of Thomas Jefferson,” Samuel Sloan says, “There is something strange and even psychopathic about the lengths to which Thomas Jefferson went to destroy all remembrances of his mother, while saving over 18,000 copies of his own letters and other documents for posterity.” One must ask, “What is it he was trying to hide?” in a book written by Thomas Hazard in 1867 called “The Johnny Cake Papers.” Hazard interviewed Paris Gardiner, who said he was present during the 1796 presidential campaign, when one speaker states that Thomas Jefferson was “a mean-spirited son of a half-breed Indian squaw and a Virginia mulatto father.”

To all those upset over the President’s choice of census identification, let’s keep it one-hundred, as the teenagers say these days.  (One-hundred means one-hundred percent for those of you folks who haven’t channeled surfed by BET’s 106 & Park lately).   Let’s say it’s the middle of the night.  If President Barack Obama were in Alabama and ran into one of the KKK chapters reportedly springing up all over the country since his election and he was without the Secret Service and was just sauntering along some marshy back road, would he be received as black by the hooded men or white?

I’m not judging.  I’m just saying.

Now I’m going to write.  I have some interesting research material I need to upload on Queen Victoria, Empress Josephine, and Madame Vestris, but that must occur later.  Eighth Wonder is my priority.

A.M. Calberg