1850-60 (from http://www.vintagetextile.com.  Find more on website)


silk moire ballgown with metallic gold appliqued hem border 1860

beaded carriage parasol 1830-50

handmade-needle-runtriangular-shape silk lace shawl

handmade-needle-runtriangular-shape silk lace shawl

The picture below the parasol is of a flounced taffeta and Chiné silk day dress, c.1860. The lining is stamped “Biddeford, Maine.

The photo beneath the flounced dress depicts children footwear,

Cameleon-style bronzed kid shoes with Louis heels and silk ribbon rosettes, c.1860.


gentleman's hand-sewn cotton print banyan,featuring complimentary paisley print